STAY SAFE: Baby proofing your home, Airbnb or hotel room

October 12, 2018

Whether you’re a family traveling with young children or you’re a grandparent preparing for that long awaited visit from your grandchildren, you want to ensure that your home, Airbnb or hotel is as baby proof as possible.  Here’s the Hiremebaby top tips for getting baby proof so you can relax and enjoy your time together…



LOOK HIGH & LOW – Get down low to check the carpet and under furniture for any small items missed by the vacuum cleaner - If anyone will find it, a crawling baby will.  Gather any precious or delicate things and put them up high out of reach of destructive little fingers.  If a child is cruising, watch out for any long table cloths that hang within their reach.  Check blind pull cords are raised up high - elastic bands are perfect for this.  Lock all windows that children could reach or climb to. 


SLIP UPS – Keep an eye on little ones on slippery floor surfaces.  Remove their socks if the floor is very slippery.  Check loose rugs on wooden floors – if they slip and slide, remove them or use some carpet tape to keep them in place.  In the bathroom, watch out for slippery floors and tubs – lay towels down and use large bath mats.


LOCK DOWN - It might be easier to close off an entire room or lock cupboards to keep little explorers safe.  Hairbands or baby linking toys are great for temporarily baby proofing cupboards and drawers.  Keep bathroom and kitchen products out of reach, especially items like dishwasher tablets that can be appealing to curious little people. Keep washing machines and dishwashers closed and toilet seats down. To protect the most adventurous, you might want to cover sharp edges of furniture, ensure large furniture like book shelves are anchored to the wall or else kept out of reach.  Doors and little fingers don’t mix so keep doors closed or pick up some foam door stops and pop them on top of any doors.  They cost no more than a couple of pounds and could save a few squidged fingers.


CONTAINMENT – We want little ones to be free to explore their world but its oh so much more relaxing if you can create a safe space so you can relax and let them play freely.  Use a temporary safety gate to protect them from the staircase, an out of bounds room like the kitchen or bathroom, or to keep them safe and visible in one room.  Use a child friendly play pen to create a safe play area inside or outside and have new and exciting toys to keep them occupied.


Hiremebaby hire safety gates, play pens (from 1m x 1m to 4m x 4m) and toys so little ones can play safe and have fun. 



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