SLEEP WELL: Getting a good sleep while travelling with a baby or young child

September 30, 2018

Sleep.  We love it, we need it. We can’t function without it.  And for people with young children, it’s often in short supply.  Giving yourself and your family the best chance of a good night sleep is oh so important and when you are away from home, this can be even more of a challenge.  Pulled from the hive mind of sleep fuelled parents, we’ve got our Hiremebaby top 5 tips for getting the best sleep whilst away with the kids.


1)       ROUTINES - Follow your usual bedtime routine. Routines can often be tricky to follow when you’re away from home but if you always have a bath then stories, stick to it.  This predictable behaviour, even if its only half an hour in an otherwise spontaneous vacation can make all the difference. 


2)      MAKE IT FAMILIAR - If you have the opportunity, introduce your child to their bed or cot earlier in the day.  Let them explore where they’ll be sleeping - the cot and their bedroom.  Bring that special teddy or favourite blanket from home, and if they are old enough, let them place their teddy in the cot and even help make the bed.


3)      CONTROL THE ELEMENTS.  If possible, get the temperature, light levels and noise in the room just right for sleep.  Black out blinds and monitors with temperature readers are perfect to help do this.


4)      SPACE – Ideally, choose accomodation with two rooms that allows you to enjoy some well needed, quality child free time while your little ones sleep undisturbed.  


5)      GET COMFY - Make sure your child is safe and comfortable in an environment that is right for them.  All children are different so Hiremebaby offer a variety of comfortable cot and bed options so you can recreate a home from home and make your little one as comfortable as possible. 


Hiremebaby rent travel cots (pack n play / portacot) with an extra comfy mattress and our cots have quality breathable mattresses.  We also have Chicco Next2me cribs for very little ones who need to stay close by their parents.  For toddlers who have outgrown a cot, our toddler beds offer a perfect transition if they're not quite ready to sleep in a big bed.  They have guard rails to keep little ones safe in bed and fun duvet covers to help them feel at home.  Bed guards are also available to adapt single or double beds and keep young children safe and secure.  We've got all the little extras you might need to help with bedtime, from blackout blinds and monitors to baby baths and story books.  Find more details on our bedtime page.


Enjoy your family adventure and sleep WELL!  lots of love from Hiremebaby! xxxx


 keep little ones safe in bed and fun duvet covers to help them feel at home.

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