Hiring a car seat: everything you need to know

May 8, 2018

For many considering hiring a car seat, it may be the first time they have done so.  We’ve put together some information to give you everything you need to know to hire from Hiremebaby with confidence.


Car seat selection

Every car seat in our range complies with EU regulations.  The car seat models we select are chosen based on WHICH? recommendations, customer reviews and Hiremebaby research and product testing.  Our mission is to select the best seats in the market which are also simple for customers to use.


Is the car seat suitable for my child?

We can help you to ensure you choose the right car seat for your size child.  We provide details for each car seat so you can select the one that is right for your child whatever their age / weight and height.  Our guidance is in accordance with the car seats manufacturer’s instructions and EU regulations.


Is the car seat compatible with the car/s I will be using?

Compatibility can be checked against a list provided by the car seat manufacturer.  You need to know the car make, model and year.  We are more than happy to check this for you or we can send you a link for you to do this yourself.  This will confirm whether the car seat is compatible and what positions in the car it can be safely fitted.


Quality and safety control

Just like all of our equipment, every car seat we hire has been purchased brand new and no car seat in our range will be older than 3 years.  Every car seat has a product reference number and every hire is recorded.  After every hire, the car seat is safety checked and thoroughly sanitised before it’s next hire.  Every car seat is covered and stored safely between each hire and if it doesn’t pass our checks, it’s retired immediately.


What do we mean by safety checked? 

We remove the cover/s and check every part of the seat.  The car seat is fitted and unfitted from a car to check it is in working order and straps and safety features are checked to ensure they are functioning correctly.  All checks are conducted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


What do we mean by sanitised?

Each car seat is thoroughly cleaned.  Car seat covers are removed and washed, all hard surfaces are wiped clean and buckles are cleaned.  All cleaning is done in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.


What if a car seat is involved in a car accident during a hire?

If a car seat is involved in a car accident, we ask that our customer inform us as soon as possible.  Regardless of fault, there will be no charges to the customer and the deposit will be returned in full.  The car seat will be disposed of.   If it is practically possible, we will replace the car seat for the duration of the hire period.


Do we fit car seats?

Yes.  We now offer a free installation service.  We can fit your car seat and remove it for you at the end of your hire period.  But we want to ensure you have the tools to confidently use the car seat for the duration of your hire so we supply a digital copy of the manufacturers instructions at the time of booking so you can begin to familiarise yourself with the car seat in advance.  When we deliver the car seat, you will receive a hard copy of the manufacturers instructions.  On delivery or collection, we can demonstrate how the car seat works and will stay with you as long as you need us until you are comfortable with using the seat.



If you would like any more information about car seat hire, or to make a booking, please get in touch.






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